Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Co.


*EAMCO is the leader of commercial vehicle production in Egypt.

*EAMCO is the actual extension of NASCO The First Automotive Manufacturing Co. .

* Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Company "EAMCO" was established in 2000 as emanated company from El Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Co. (NASCO), and founded on Trucks and Buses activities of NASCO in the frame of privatization policy and transition to free economic market .

* "EAMCO" is now independent joint stock company, under law 203/1991, regulating public sector companies. "NASCO" (including what is now (EAMCO) is a pioneer in the field of bus and truck manufacture in Egypt. 

*It was established in 1960 with know-how furnished by DEUTZ and FIAT and it became one of the major industrial companies in Egypt and the Arab World, it takes credit for helping to establish feeder industries for vehicle manufacture. 

*NASCO transferred to EAMCO all its rights and obligations versus all suppliers licensors and customers' contracts .